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Skinni Coco – Kingdom of Love ( Launch Party )

Welcome to The Kingdom of Love! Skinni Coco’s EP launch party on 10 June 2023 will debut the album, a concept and continuation of Skinni Coco´s world building concept. It is much like a comic book series approach to songwriting and character development. The basic premise of this soon-to-be-iconic EP is as follows: 

The story captures the tale of Prince Skinnius Cocomo, first of his name. A lesser known prince of the long forgotten 6th house of the Kingdom of love.

On this journey of hijinks and Herculean tasks, Skinnius seeks to lay claim to the The throne, and restore his family to their rightful place amongst the great houses of the Kingdom of Love.

The Kingdom of Love will be the 3rd studio EP from the artist Skinni Coco, following up from their debut European EP “Mein Wein in Wien”. The project forms part of the immersive performance format that Skinni Coco followed for his previous project. 

The Kingdom of Love will be released in September 2023, with the 10 June launch event and following tour. The Kingdom of Love Tour (The Tour of Love), will cover at least European cities during the autumn and winter of 2023 – mainly Hamburg, Barcelona, Budapest and Warsaw.

Bring your most beautiful vibes to the Kingdom of Love!

Konzert Party
10.Juni 2023, 21:00 Uhr
Einlass ab: 20:30 Uhr

Gonzagasse 11 / Ecke Werdertorgasse
A-1010 Wien