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Not Game of Thrones

This show is an unauthorized and fully improvised parody of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, featuring never before seen characters and story lines poking fun at one of the world’s most popular fantasy sagas. Come see some of Vienna’s most talented improvisers invent an epic tale for you from scratch. Everything that happens on stage is inspired by your suggestions, has never been seen before, and will never be seen again. This show will make you laugh out loud and leave you thinking: Remember the North, for you know nothing, Dracarys!

About American Improv

American Improv is Chicago-style, organic, and story-driven improvisational theater in Vienna, Austria. Play and learn together with supportive people in a safe space. Fail with confidence and still deliver a winning performance. Tell stories that move the audience and create an epic tale with your partners on stage. Meet like-minded people and build friendships that last a lifetime. Find out more at www.americanimprov.com

Weitere Termine

11.Dezember 2023, 20:15 Uhr
20.November 2023, 20:15 Uhr
23.Oktober 2023, 20:15 Uhr
18.September 2023, 20:15 Uhr
24.Juli 2023, 20:15 Uhr
19.Juni 2023, 20:15 Uhr
22.Mai 2023, 20:15 Uhr
10.April 2023, 20:15 Uhr
20.März 2023, 20:15 Uhr
20.Februar 2023, 20:15 Uhr
23.Januar 2023, 20:15 Uhr
21.August 2023, 20:15 Uhr

Gonzagasse 11 / Ecke Werdertorgasse
A-1010 Wien